Science blog

It has been fun learning about sound and light I personally really like learning about sound. It is cool. Did you know that there are waves that can go through water are and walls?

In general, it has been fun to learn but this post is about light.


Here are 3 facts about light

1 light can be reflected

2 With mirrors you can direct light

3 light can go thru most walls

When I was at home learning online, I did an experiment


All you need is a surface and a flashlight 🔦

You see if your flashlight goes through the surfaces or if it makes a shadow. This is called transparent, translucent and opaque.

Try it and let me know in the comments.



Picture editing

Hi this is my blog I just wanna make sure everyone doesn’t get confused between the app that I’m using  and photoshop if you want to do photoshop them probably should not read this blog


I can basically color switch mirror a lot of really cool things


Here is an example


It is really not hard to learn this is my second week doing it.     The app is called pick art I don’t know if you can get on a computer you can definitely get on your iPhone or iPad.    It’s really fun to do and let’s say you’re taking a picture but somethings not the color that you want to be you can change that.  You can make really cool borders.   You can draw.   You can copy a photo so you can literally just change it and keep the original photo as well 


Sometimes my friends ask me to make things for them


I like to make things for YouTube. 


You can make your own pictures 


Like I said before it is really easy 


All you have to do is dalold it


And in a couple of days you will be able to edit pictures