Picture editing

Hi this is my blog I just wanna make sure everyone doesn’t get confused between the app that I’m using  and photoshop if you want to do photoshop them probably should not read this blog


I can basically color switch mirror a lot of really cool things


Here is an example


It is really not hard to learn this is my second week doing it.     The app is called pick art I don’t know if you can get on a computer you can definitely get on your iPhone or iPad.    It’s really fun to do and let’s say you’re taking a picture but somethings not the color that you want to be you can change that.  You can make really cool borders.   You can draw.   You can copy a photo so you can literally just change it and keep the original photo as well 


Sometimes my friends ask me to make things for them


I like to make things for YouTube. 


You can make your own pictures 


Like I said before it is really easy 


All you have to do is dalold it


And in a couple of days you will be able to edit pictures 


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