Legend Writing



Old York was a nice place but it was really old. It has so many cool animals. So old york was a place full of Dragon’s who were really nice and let people ride them

The Problem was….. the dragons were not being nice to anything because they are being made to be mean by the  evil witch so now it was full of dragons who were not very nice and by not very nice I mean they burnt people’s home down

 The people try to raid the witches tawer but they failed they needed To have a plan so they called the hero he was hard to get to help but he came 

Then a hero comes along… 

This hero was really strong and a good fighter

He was prepared  to Battle but first he had to get into the Castle It’s going to be hard because it is unbreakable

He is going to go over the Castle. But he needs to get a dragon and all of the Dragon are evil so he needs to get a Dragon on these conditions 


Turns out one of the Dragon is nice but he is in the forest so he needs to give him the Magic mushroom. So he gets the magic mushroom and the dragon agreed to help him 


So the hero got in the Castle and beat the witch and then all the dragons helped rebuild all the houses.