The elevator

Hi my name is fast1 my innovation day project is about pulleys we have learned about fixed pulleys and moveable pulleys I made a barn elevator and I used a fixed pulley because I did not want to make a moving rod

The hypothesis : I think it will work and lift but it will not work on the first try but it will work after it will work by turning the rod that turns the string that lifts the lift


1 I got my materials

2 I got a box

3 I put a stick in the box

4 I folded a piece of cardboard

5 I put a elastic band on the piece of cardboard

6 I hole punch the piece of cardboard

7 I put a piece of string in the hole

8 panted it with red paint

Conclusion: my hypothesis was correct I did have to make changes though I only used 1 pulley though besides that, it was basically the same it just looks different so my hypothesis was correct.

Here is my video: IMG_5922




So far of tales of a grade 4 nothing

These are the characters from the book  Fudge he is the most annoying person in this book and he ruins everything.  Miss and Mr Yarby are the owners of Juicy o a company we will talk about later in the book report. Peter the main character he hates Fudge. his friend gave him a pet turtle Dubbel he is a turtle not much to say about him Peters mom Fudge is like her king she gives him all the attention. His dad we do not know that much about him but he was the one who invited miss and mr Yarby

Summary: 1 His friend gave him the turtle at a party he named it Dubbel  then he went home and Fudge was annoying him.

2 Miss and mr Yarby come to there house and Fudge messes everything up .

3 Fudge will not eat anything so his mom finds a way to make him eat and he eats a flour pettel .

4 He was at the play stuker and he wanted to be a bird so he fell and lost his teeth .


I think it is a good book because it was really funny and in general it was just a good book .


I think Peter will go to school because it is called tales of a grade 4 nothing .


I would give it a ⅘ stars because like I said it is a great book .


I think the age group is grade ,3, 4 and 5 because it is not inappropriate and it is funny .