Hi my name is fast1 and today I will  be talking about Why playing video games are a beneficial  have you ever thought about this in the pandemic we can’t play or see  our friends with discord you can talk with your friends and you can make online friends with people in a server and you can play with your friends though any multiplayer games and for a lot of people that is how they spend their time so here are the reasons that playing video games is not a bad habit  and are actually beneficial 


Reason 1: 


My first point is about why gaming is beneficial as they are fun! Having fun is important . For most games they have parental controls over how long you Can play on the game and sometimes the console itself 

So if you are like playing but you have to do your homework you can turn it off 



Reason 2:


My next point explaining why video games are beneficial is that they are a way to connect with people online! Like during the pandemic, this has been the way I have been connecting with people through discord and we play so many games like I am on YouTube watching people play games all day and on the weekend I play the entire day with my friends and listen to music! I wouldb;t be able to continue connecting with my friends in a safe way if not for video games! 


Reason 3: 


My final point is about how some games make you read the story line. So this can help you read Did you know that some games need you to create your own house of raft Some games are puzzle games like Zelda or survival games like Minecraft or raft of Roblox. In raft you have to survive the middle of the ocean 


Conclusion:I think that video games are not a bad thing for kids but Gun games are not good for kids because they mostly have blood but if it doesn’t have blood I think there is nothing wrong with it but hey that’s just theory a game theory let me know if you have a different opinion 


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I think we all have been doing a lot online, and it’s great that we’re able to. But it’s also nice to spend time outside!

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