Bottle Cap Design

Bottle Caps Save The World

     Did you know how much plastic goes into the ocean each year? The answer to that question is more than there should be. So, for my invention I made a nerf gun. Today, I will tell you how to make it, why I made it and why you should buy it.

   First, the reason why I built it is because I wanted to build a toy I can play with my friends with. Also to help the environment. For example, it will make it so that people don’t waste plastic because it will stop people from throwing away the bottle caps.

   Secondly, how I built it was that I 3D printed it. I can tell you how to make it. You can make it by poking a hole in the bottle cap and putting a tube in it and that is how to build it. You need to put mentos in it and that is how you shoot it.

    Thirdly, you should buy my bottle cap because it is good for the environment. It will stop people from throwing away plastic. It is good to buy because it is cheap to make. Alternatively, all you need is coke, mentos and a tube. Well, and a nerf bullet and that’s it. If you don’t have nerf bullets, I recommend using some sort of rock but don’t shoot your friends with that. If you don’t have some of the stuff try to think of alternatives like instead of using mentos maybe shake it but if you have other ideas please leave a comment in the comment box.

     In conclusion, I think that it is good for the environment, it is easy to make and it can be very useful if you just want to play with your friends. If you can’t afford a Nerf gun but you can only shoot once. But after that there are many ways to still have use in it like by using it and reusing the cap or by using the cap for other things. Continue reading “Bottle Cap Design”