Melting Ice Caps

Arctic Ice Caps

So I did my project on the melting ice caps.  For my background I have polar ice caps going away every slide the ice caps get smaller. I did information of the food coastal community animals and the arctic shipping.   There were some sad facts.

Here is my canva:

lose Arctic sea ice at a rate of almost 13% per decade, by Tdrm70 aka RED

Part 2: I learned about that people are making holes in the arctic for shipping routes. By the way, all of this stuff is on the canva the website I used is wwf they have a website about the ice caps. when the ice caps melt polar bears and other animals will no  longer have a home. And lots of communities are suffering because of the food chain.

Part 3: I am happy that I learned about the ice roads so I know never to take them. I am proud of my canva background. I wouldn’t have done anything different If I had the chance. I hope the ice caps don’t melt.



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