Innovation day

  For innovation day we made an electricity project and today I will be talking about the schedule I used for working 

I worked during class mostly and I worked on the research at home the hardest part was the my partner wasn’t at school when I was and I wasn’t at school when he was and that made it very hard to tell what work was done and what wasn’t  but I think we got a lot done without both of us there but the main problem I faced was me forgetting to work on my project at home  


המסעדה שאני אוהב

 .אני אוהב ללכת למסעדה .אני אוהב ללכת למסעדה עם ההורים שלי 


 .אני אוהב ללכת המסעדה סושי שופ  


אני אוהב לאכול סושי עם מלפפון ולשתות מים.

Melting Ice Caps

Arctic Ice Caps

So I did my project on the melting ice caps.  For my background I have polar ice caps going away every slide the ice caps get smaller. I did information of the food coastal community animals and the arctic shipping.   There were some sad facts.

Here is my canva:

lose Arctic sea ice at a rate of almost 13% per decade, by Tdrm70 aka RED

Part 2: I learned about that people are making holes in the arctic for shipping routes. By the way, all of this stuff is on the canva the website I used is wwf they have a website about the ice caps. when the ice caps melt polar bears and other animals will no  longer have a home. And lots of communities are suffering because of the food chain.

Part 3: I am happy that I learned about the ice roads so I know never to take them. I am proud of my canva background. I wouldn’t have done anything different If I had the chance. I hope the ice caps don’t melt.



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Bottle Cap Design

Bottle Caps Save The World

     Did you know how much plastic goes into the ocean each year? The answer to that question is more than there should be. So, for my invention I made a nerf gun. Today, I will tell you how to make it, why I made it and why you should buy it.

   First, the reason why I built it is because I wanted to build a toy I can play with my friends with. Also to help the environment. For example, it will make it so that people don’t waste plastic because it will stop people from throwing away the bottle caps.

   Secondly, how I built it was that I 3D printed it. I can tell you how to make it. You can make it by poking a hole in the bottle cap and putting a tube in it and that is how to build it. You need to put mentos in it and that is how you shoot it.

    Thirdly, you should buy my bottle cap because it is good for the environment. It will stop people from throwing away plastic. It is good to buy because it is cheap to make. Alternatively, all you need is coke, mentos and a tube. Well, and a nerf bullet and that’s it. If you don’t have nerf bullets, I recommend using some sort of rock but don’t shoot your friends with that. If you don’t have some of the stuff try to think of alternatives like instead of using mentos maybe shake it but if you have other ideas please leave a comment in the comment box.

     In conclusion, I think that it is good for the environment, it is easy to make and it can be very useful if you just want to play with your friends. If you can’t afford a Nerf gun but you can only shoot once. But after that there are many ways to still have use in it like by using it and reusing the cap or by using the cap for other things. Continue reading “Bottle Cap Design”


Hi my name is fast1 and today I will  be talking about Why playing video games are a beneficial  have you ever thought about this in the pandemic we can’t play or see  our friends with discord you can talk with your friends and you can make online friends with people in a server and you can play with your friends though any multiplayer games and for a lot of people that is how they spend their time so here are the reasons that playing video games is not a bad habit  and are actually beneficial 


Reason 1: 


My first point is about why gaming is beneficial as they are fun! Having fun is important . For most games they have parental controls over how long you Can play on the game and sometimes the console itself 

So if you are like playing but you have to do your homework you can turn it off 



Reason 2:


My next point explaining why video games are beneficial is that they are a way to connect with people online! Like during the pandemic, this has been the way I have been connecting with people through discord and we play so many games like I am on YouTube watching people play games all day and on the weekend I play the entire day with my friends and listen to music! I wouldb;t be able to continue connecting with my friends in a safe way if not for video games! 


Reason 3: 


My final point is about how some games make you read the story line. So this can help you read Did you know that some games need you to create your own house of raft Some games are puzzle games like Zelda or survival games like Minecraft or raft of Roblox. In raft you have to survive the middle of the ocean 


Conclusion:I think that video games are not a bad thing for kids but Gun games are not good for kids because they mostly have blood but if it doesn’t have blood I think there is nothing wrong with it but hey that’s just theory a game theory let me know if you have a different opinion 


The elevator

Hi my name is fast1 my innovation day project is about pulleys we have learned about fixed pulleys and moveable pulleys I made a barn elevator and I used a fixed pulley because I did not want to make a moving rod

The hypothesis : I think it will work and lift but it will not work on the first try but it will work after it will work by turning the rod that turns the string that lifts the lift


1 I got my materials

2 I got a box

3 I put a stick in the box

4 I folded a piece of cardboard

5 I put a elastic band on the piece of cardboard

6 I hole punch the piece of cardboard

7 I put a piece of string in the hole

8 panted it with red paint

Conclusion: my hypothesis was correct I did have to make changes though I only used 1 pulley though besides that, it was basically the same it just looks different so my hypothesis was correct.

Here is my video: IMG_5922




So far of tales of a grade 4 nothing

These are the characters from the book  Fudge he is the most annoying person in this book and he ruins everything.  Miss and Mr Yarby are the owners of Juicy o a company we will talk about later in the book report. Peter the main character he hates Fudge. his friend gave him a pet turtle Dubbel he is a turtle not much to say about him Peters mom Fudge is like her king she gives him all the attention. His dad we do not know that much about him but he was the one who invited miss and mr Yarby

Summary: 1 His friend gave him the turtle at a party he named it Dubbel  then he went home and Fudge was annoying him.

2 Miss and mr Yarby come to there house and Fudge messes everything up .

3 Fudge will not eat anything so his mom finds a way to make him eat and he eats a flour pettel .

4 He was at the play stuker and he wanted to be a bird so he fell and lost his teeth .


I think it is a good book because it was really funny and in general it was just a good book .


I think Peter will go to school because it is called tales of a grade 4 nothing .


I would give it a ⅘ stars because like I said it is a great book .


I think the age group is grade ,3, 4 and 5 because it is not inappropriate and it is funny .